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Cotton, Wool, Etc. Conversion Tables

Our conversion tables are a guide only. The best way is comparing colours in daylight, not under artificial light. Some brands do not have exact substitutes, in these cases the closest comparison is given. Please use your own judgment in making the final decision on colour interpretation. 

From: To:
art 4635 6-strand embroidery floss DMC art 117 - Madeira

Eterna Silk
art 6800 Marlitt Rayon DMC art 1008
art 6801 Wool DMC art. 486 wool
Paternayan - DMC art 117
OLD tapestry  wool numbers  NEW Anchor tapestry  wool numbers 
Au Ver a Soie
Au Ver a Soie DMC art. 117 6-stranded embroidery floss
Bucilla embroidery cotton
DMC art 117

6-stranded cotton DMC art 117 - Anchor

art 89 Matt Finish Soft Tapestry
art 106 Flower Thread DMC art 117
art 107 Broder Special
art 116/8 Pearl Cotton
art 117  Stranded Embroidery Floss Anchor Wool - Paternayan
Anchor floss - Coats
116/8-1008-89-486-475-107 -- numbers50/500
116/8-1008-89-486-475-107 -- numbers501/1000
116/8-1008-89-486-475-107 -- numbers 3000/3799

116/8-1008-89-486-475-107 -- numbers 3800+
Eterna Silk
art 106
Au Ver A Soie
Anchor - Madeira 

art 475 Medicis
art 484 3-Ply Floralia Persian Wool
art 486 Laine Colbert Tapestry Wool Old colours >> newer colours
art 1008 6 Strand Rayon Floss

Eterna Silk
Eterna Silk  DMC 6-str. cotton
 Anchor 6-str. cotton

JP Coats
Stranded Embroidery Floss DMC art 117
art. 107 6-stranded DMC art 117 - Anchor

art. 107 6-stranded Coats - DMC art. 117
Needlepoint Inc. Silks
Silk DMC art 117
Paternayan Wool
Paternayan Wool DMC art 117 - Anchor Wool
Semco Stranded Cotton Anchor Stranded Cotton
Silk Mori  
Silk Mori Soie d'Alger  
Silk Mori (Milkpaint) Soie d'Alger  
Soie d'Alger
Soie d'Alger Silk Mori

Soie d'Alger (Milkpaint Colors) Silk Mori

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